Chaos Webs Terms of Service

This is a legal document, so it will be a little complicated, but I (Kevin Froman) will try to put it in terms easy to understand.

By using my website(s) or software, you agree to these terms of service.

'Me/my' refers to Kevin Froman. 'Chaos Webs' or any similar term refers to any of Kevin Fromans websites, software, or services.

Specific software and/or services may have their own licenses or terms that apply.

Basically, my services are provided without warranty. The service(s) you use on this site could completely disappear at any time without warning, or be down for indefinite periods of time. In no way am I responsive for loss of profit, time, or anything else because of this. Any of my apps that require communication with my server(s) will be affected by this.

Consider any data submitted to my services to have the possibility of vanishing or being stolen at any time.

I do my best to make sure my software and services is bug and exploit free, but if for some reason your data, hardware, software, etc is damaged or stolen directly or indirectly, I am not legally responsible, though I will probably try to remedy the situation.

You must not upload illegal files/data to my services (St. Charles, Missouri, USA is the applicable law). I will report you and any relevant information (including but not limited to your IP address(es)) to the appropriate authorities if I discover any illegal content, or reiceve a report about illegal data on my server(s).

By using any of my software, you must check the license per product. If there is no license, please ask me.

User data may be deleted or unavailable anytime, for any reason.

By submitting any data to this site, you agree that you are the copyright owner or are legally authorized to distribute it. All data submitted to this site remains under the original license/ownership.

I reserve the right to ban you from accessing my servers. If you recieve such a ban, any circumvention will be considered unauthorized access and legal action may be taken.

You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Kevin Froman, his affiliates and his and their respective owners, investors, contractors, officers, directors, members, managers, partners, shareholders, licensors, suppliers, customers, employees, agents, third-party advertisers, technology providers and service providers from and against any loss, damage, cost, or liability (including, reasonable attorneys' fees) resulting from or relating in any way to a third-party claim, demand, action or proceeding that arises out of this Agreement or the Site, including but not limited to in relation to: (a) your use, non-use or misuse of, or connection to the Site, the Services and any Content (including without limitation your Content and any third party Content) forming part of the Site;

Bug Hunting

By using my services, you agree not to attempt to gain access to my or my user's (private) data.

However, I do allow 'bug hunting'. By "bug hunting", you agree that you will not disclose any information or data you find to anyone except Kevin Froman, nor will you use it yourself for anything except for continuing the bug hunting process. During the bug hunting process, you must not break any servers or apps, substantially slow down anything, crash anything, or spread viruses/malware and/or illegal files through the servers or service(s).

The only servers in scope are those on the * domain. This does not count things such as my server/service providers, CDNs, or any of my accounts. Physical and social engineering attacks are not allowed.

A monetary reward and/or a public "thank you" for responsible disclosure of exploits may be rewarded, however this is not guaranteed (and may vary in value). This will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Social engineering me/anyone affiliated or connected to me is not allowed. Denial of service attacks are not always considered exploits (Do not perform any DOS attack that involves large amounts of traffic, connections, especially large packets, etc).

Refund policy

If you are confused about anything or have any questions, please contact me.

I may offer partial or full refunds for any of my for-sale products or services if you are dissatisfied, this is also on a case-by-case basis.

Privacy Policy

Hackers and/or law enforcement may gain unauthorized or unforeseen access to my servers and/or user data. You agree to not sue me over this.

Data I Collect


If you believe a page or file on one of my servers/services violates your copyright (or the copyright of someone you are legally appointed to protect the copyright of), please send an email to kevinfroman12 ***@** (no * or spaces), with the location(s) of the offending content, and I will look into it within 7 business days. Please include [DMCA] in the email title. Please note that email that GMail flags as 'spam' may not be viewed, make sure you sending from an appropriate address. Any fraudulent or misuse of the DMCA process is illegal.

Copyright Attributions

I use open source code libraries on the client side on this site, those files should contain copyright info, if they do not, please notify me of this.